Atinuke #1 (Fiction Series)

Atinuke was only sixteen when she first realized she had fallen in love. It was Nnanna, her madam’s nephew that lived right across the street. He had walked into the driveway that sunny afternoon, his cap hanging loosely across his face. Atinuke didn’t notice his presence until he came close enough to give her a hug. “What are you doing outside on this chill Saturday?” he asked. “Cleaning madam’s car.” She replied as she watched him saunter off towards the front door.

This was not the first time Nnanna had come to visit. Six months ago, when she had just arrived from the village, Madam had brought her to the living room and introduced her to him and her sons as “the girl that will be helping us”. They had politely exchanged pleasantries from opposite corners of the room after which Atinuke had gone back to the laundry room to continue with her chores. Nnanna had visited a few times after that to hang out with Kamsi and Kaito, madam’s sons but Atinuke never came close enough. She’d give her greetings from the far end of the room and respond to Nnanna’s courteous questions from there as well, then, she’d serve them lunch and disappear to the laundry room before they had a chance to come out and eat.

​It was hard to believe that this was the same person standing in the yard now. The same one who had swallowed all her ogbono soup in one seating and licked his plate in approval but was too scared to call out to her for more. She never had a chance to evaluate that one but this one was tall, 6 foot at least, he had kind eyes, a smooth chocolatey skin, thick black hair and arms so taut they threatened to burst out of his shirt. This Nnanna, her nipples unwittingly responded to, taut, piercing, like peanuts on the soft fleshy mound on her chest. That night, unable to sleep, she found herself conjuring images in her mind; a marriage proposal, honeymoon in Paris, chocolate brown kids . Satisfied with this images, she lulled herself to sleep, fantasizing, dreaming only of Nnanna.

Read part 2 here

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  1. Tobi says:

    Waiting on the next part….😊😊


    1. Lilian Ogbuefi says:

      See!! I think you’re actually the only one that figured out there was a next part.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love reading soo mch…fiction,non_fiction just anything even children’s novel…name anything. Was soooooo happy wen i saw this on IG. I quickly rushed


    1. Awww! That does mean a lot to me. Not so many people are interested in reading so it always excites me to know that someone is reading my work .


  3. Oyindamola says:

    You know I read it too 😉
    Big fan, by the way.


    1. Oyin, you already know you’re my day one 👍🏾


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