Strong Girls Only- An Introduction

I’m barely 22 but I’ve had a lot of experiences that have forced me to learn. Financial crises, career choices, educational confusion, self-esteem issues, depression, wrong decisions, love, fuck boys, fake friends, losing loved ones, taking risks, joblessness.

Each experience, at the time, seemed like the end of the road for me. It was tough, I was hurt and if anyone had told me that I would come out of the extremely bleak situation, stronger than I was before I got in, I would have told them to “shut the f**k up”, because, it’s easier to speak of the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re not in the tunnel yourself.

Going through these experiences have made me stronger, such that, when I find myself in a situation, similar, by the degree of bleakness, I can remind myself of the countless times when giving up seemed like the only option, how weak and helpless that made me, and how the last minute choice to stay strong got me out of the dump.

I don’t know all there is to know about life, I ‘m still learning.  But I figured If I could use my blog as a voice to share my experiences and empower other women who may be going through similar experiences as I have, why not?

Here’s to the start of something STRONG… and new. The “Strong Girls Only” Series on my blog. Hey strong girl, chin up!



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