So you think you have a Valentine?

Tips for casual couples- Valentine is fast approaching, and with it comes the declaration of love, anticipation of fun, surprises of gifts, break ups, make ups and future pregnancies that will bear its fruit sometime in November. No big deal, except, of course, you are in a casual relationship.

You’re taking things really slow or you’ve decided to be “just friends” but deep down, you both know there’s more to it than that. These situationships can be quite confusing especially when Valentine’s day comes creeping around the corner.There’s enough pressure in the air so it gets quite tricky trying to express yourself without seeming like you’re overly pushy.

How do you say “I care about you” in a calm, pressure-free way or “I know we’re taking it slow but you’re always on my mind” in an innocent, non assuming way? Here’s how.

Don’t think too much.


It’s certain you want to show this person how much you care, but overthinking is not exactly a luxury you can afford in a situationship.The extra thoughts takes your mind to places where you end up thinking about getting the perfect gift that would light up that persons face in a brilliant smile or planning the perfect date  that would make him or her want to jump right into your arms and plant a big wet sloppy kiss on your mouth. Well, stuff like that doesn’t really send the right signal if you’re a casual couple. It might seem okay that day, but, get ready to welcome awkwardness on subsequent days. Seriously, leave the extra stuff for actual couples

Don’t do too much

If you adhered to step one above , you should pretty much have this covered. If not, then please DON’T DO TOO MUCH: except of course you’re planning to take your friendlationship to the next level of an actual relationship. Expectations can be unpleasant especially when the other party has no idea what they are or no interest in meeting them whatsoever. Doing too much as a CASUAL COUPLE on a LOVER’S DAY fuels expectation. If we’re going steady and you surprise me with roses, serenade me with music and seal the night with candle lit dinner on a boat, you bet I’m going to be expecting a proposal from you in the next few days.

Keep it Simple

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It’s okay to get your casual partner a little something. Come on, it’s kind of rude not to  but, keep your gifts really simple  so as not to send the wrong messages. A bracelet if she loves jewelry, a single rose, or even a bag of candy if she has a sweet tooth would be nice. A customized alcohol flask if he drinks or a wallet if his old one is getting torn would be okay as well. Whatever you do please don’t go getting a 14 carat diamond ring, you might just be forced to get down on one knee.

Don’t expect a gift in return

This is exactly why steps 1, 2, 3 are extremely important. You’re casual, what if he or she never thought to do something for you. You don’t want to make them feel bad or guilty by your overt show of expression.  That aside, didn’t the bible say we shouldn’t give to receive.

Wait until February 15th

This is my personal favorite. If you’re scared of giving a gift on Valentines day, just give it the day after. That way, no one can accuse you of coming too strong or mounting pressure. You can  just say it’s all in their head. Additionally, no one gets to feel bad if they don’t have a gift to give in return because technically it isn’t Valentines day anymore. Everyone’s happy,  Case closed.

What do you think? Does this help? Leave comments below.

I’m posting valentine day series through this week

So you think you have a valentine(for casual couples)- Monday 8th February

So you know you have a valentine(for actual couples)- Wednesday 10th February

So you don’t have a valentine (for singles)-Friday 12th February

Soo…watch this space 😀


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  1. chideralim says:

    I guess I’ll have to wait until Friday….

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  2. ebuka says:

    waiting on the last post : So you don’t have a valentine (for singles)-Friday 12th February.


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