So you know you have a Valentine!

Tips for actual couples.

It’s really soothing when you know where you stand in a relationship. It’s safe, comforting, and one less emotional hassle to worry about, until, of course, valentine day comes knocking around the corner and you have to spend your time conceiving unique ways to make you significant other happy; especially if you’ve been repeating the same old routine for a while.

Give them something they’ve always wanted.


The gifts that are mostly cherished are the one’s with the best intent. Surprising your significant other with something he or she has always wanted is sure to plant a huge smile on their faces.



Write a letter

The older your relationship gets, the easier it is for you to abandon the little things you used to do to get each other’s attention at first. At this point, the affection is pretty much implied. It doesn’t hurt, however, to let your partner know how you feel about them. Sometimes we want to be reminded that we mean a whole lot to our significant other.

Give them a massage.


download (5)You might not know this but, a nice long massage works a lot of wonders. Life is stressful as it is and many of us are forced to live with tense muscles given how ridiculously expensive spas can be. You don’t have  to be skilled or anything, what counts more is the intention behind the act and the fact that you are willing to try.

Surprise them at the office

It’s quite possible that your significant has to work on valentines day. That sucks, but it doesn’t stop you from doing something special for them. Order his favorite meal to his place of work or her favorite flowers and a cascade of balloons. Prepaid of course!

Make a home cooked meal.


Almost everyone loves a home cooked meal. A candle lit dinner on the porch would have more meaning that an eat-in in a restaurant, simply because your partner can tell with every bite that that meal was prepared with love.

Recreate your first date


A little bit of reminiscence is good for the soul. Celebrate your love by recreating your first date and reminding each other how you got the sparks flying in the first place.



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