Letter to self

Dear self,
It’s quite glaring that we are now in the twenty first century, however, its okay to hold on to your primitive personal values, given of course, that they do not affect others negatively so, if you’re not comfortable giving up your pride before marriage , don’t do it!  Now, if you’re still trapped by the romanticized idea that a man has to woo a woman first, then, by all means, keep mute about your feelings, take pride in giving no hints and wallow as the painful torture of your silence tumults your emotions and speed drives them from  cheery to unpleasant, after all, every one loves a meanie.
Communication, as you are well aware, is the key to successful interaction, but its totally okay if you find it difficult to suck up and wear painful smiles when you meet new people, not every one has excellent interaction skills. By all means keep to your self. Slither in silence while the rest of the world interacts and establishes a connective network that would pave the path for future accomplishments. A simple hello with upturned lips is, after all, the hardest thing in the world.It is extremely true that you can’t always get what you want. Life, itself, is extremely hard. So sometimes, you have to let go, of things, people etc. That’s totally okay; by all means put up no fight whatsoever, if it’s yours, it’ll come back to you. Lay in your bed and have a cup of coffee without trying, watch it slither past you into the hands of another. Keep watching while it lays comfortably there, keep lazing and waiting, someday, it’d just miraculously appear.

If someone wants you, they’d do their best to get you, so, by all means, refrain from saying hello pleasantly to your person of interest. Let them show their interest by approaching you first.  Continue to remain awkward when they try to strike a conversation after all they need to strike the rock to get to the jewel. Go on, watch your self turn to a snob, you’re allowed to. Keep watching as your attitude begins to repel people, you’re required to.

Experience is the best teacher, so if being overtly friendly has put you in a bad place before, it’s okay to become overtly critical. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of saying hi. Critique your text messages to every last detail before you send them. Foresee the reactions to your actions in your brain before you make them. This frigid, overthought lifestyle is total understandable. Fear not! When your worry lines begin to appear, Mary Kay will definitely suffice.It’s always good to speak your mind, better even to share ideas.  If you decide, however, to be mute, silent, because you think your ideas are wrong or ridiculous, the world would understand. After all, every one goes through that phase of silence.  Keep your ideas to your self and remain mute, then watch Sally’s idea save the world.

Dear self, personality isn’t an excuse for your inabilities just as morality isn’t an excuse for your inaccuracy.


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  1. Ebuka says:

    I hope people don’t read this and think Lilly the intellectual badass has passed on a good advice that should be considered and followed. LOL. I think u should have made it Clear u are being sacastic (even tho I believe everyone should get the Jerk, you just can’t tell how people’s brain work).
    first paragraph made me nod my head like my dad, saying in my head #EnoughSaid. love the Mary Kay part also LOL. Am like preach sister, preach, let the words out. LOL.


    1. If I had pointed out my sarcasm at the beginning of my work , then that would have defeated the purpose of my writing. Art is open to varying interpretations and I expect the intellectual reader to be able to identify contextual meanings. Too bad if they don’t.


      1. Ebuka says:

        Well said. Point taken.
        Drop another soon, trying to make reading a habit (your blog is helping) heheheh.


  2. Bibi says:

    Totally loved every word


  3. Oyindamola says:

    I see this as a wake up call to those who are undergoing change and need to see it’s not the end. To me, it is definitely a call to evaluate my stand. Life knocks you down, up, right, left, even center, but you have to knock it with enthusiasm and reinforcement.


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